I've posted to this point previously. As more information becomes available and more numbers get crunched,, it is becoming clear just who is dying from Covid-19



" . . Is coronavirus causing the deaths?

The death figures being reported daily are hospital cases where a person dies with the coronavirus infection in their body - because it is a notifiable disease cases have to be reported.

But what the figures do not tell us is to what extent the virus is causing the death.
It could be the major cause, a contributory factor or simply present when they are dying of something else. .."

But there is more. Younger people have died as well. A far fewer number. Some of the stories are fascinating: two school teachers in their early 30's,, she get sick first,, nothing,, a week later, he dies.

And this:


The 69 year old patient survives, and his 32 year old nurse dies.