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Thread: Just Exactly Who Is Dying ?

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    Default Just Exactly Who Is Dying ?

    I've posted to this point previously. As more information becomes available and more numbers get crunched,, it is becoming clear just who is dying from Covid-19

    " . . Is coronavirus causing the deaths?

    The death figures being reported daily are hospital cases where a person dies with the coronavirus infection in their body - because it is a notifiable disease cases have to be reported.

    But what the figures do not tell us is to what extent the virus is causing the death.
    It could be the major cause, a contributory factor or simply present when they are dying of something else. .."

    But there is more. Younger people have died as well. A far fewer number. Some of the stories are fascinating: two school teachers in their early 30's,, she get sick first,, nothing,, a week later, he dies.

    And this:

    The 69 year old patient survives, and his 32 year old nurse dies.

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    Default Re: Just Exactly Who Is Dying ?

    Yes sir, the grim reaper, who's wearing a crown this time around, appears to be spending most of his time nudging those leaning over the grave into the void, the great beyond. Not like the 1918 flu pandemic where his scythe left a bloody mess to match/end WWI.

    The end of every life closes the story of a unique journey thru time and space traveled by that soul and all it came to know and love, to believe and feel. We are left behind, to live.

    "Darkness at the break of noon
    Shadows even the silver spoon
    The handmade blade, the child's balloon
    Eclipses both the sun and moon
    To understand you know too soon
    There is no sense in trying.

    "Pointed threats, they bluff with scorn
    Suicide remarks are torn
    From the fool's gold mouthpiece
    The hollow horn plays wasted words
    Proves to warn that he not busy being born
    Is busy dying.

    "Temptation's page flies out the door
    You follow, find yourself at war
    Watch waterfalls of pity roar
    You feel to moan but unlike before
    You discover that you'd just be
    One more person crying."
    _______ Bob Dylan, an American original

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    Default Re: Just Exactly Who Is Dying ?

    " Proves to warn that he not busy being born
    Is busy dying .... "

    But,, some of us are busier living than others:

    I've been trying so hard to forget you
    But this chore of forgetting I find
    Has me burning both ends of the candle
    And fighting a battle with time

    "I am unknowing" says Death.

    Antonius takes advantage of this admission by Death to knock over the pieces on the chessboard and distract Death long enough for Jof and Mia to escape through the forest with their child.

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    Default Re: Just Exactly Who Is Dying ?

    Bergman's movie "The Seventh Seal" explains why the Swedes treated the coronavirus as they did. Instead of locking down society and hiding in fear from the invisible enemy, they said, "Come on death. Walk among us. Care for a game of chess?" Perchance to whip 'im. As for their death rates due to CoV-19, they're better than 6 European nations and at least 5 US States, whose people have spent the last two months hiding in place, not coming near one another.

    Forget the 2nd wave, it's the economic recovery or depression that's expected to put a lasting hurt on a lot of places. And countries like Sweden & Nicaragua, that kept on working, will suffer the least. It still amazes me that we haven't had a shortage of anything - TP, beef, pork, chicken, veggies. The price of an ice cold beer set in front of you still hovers around a buck, even for a 6-pack delivered cold to our place.
    What coronavirus?

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    Default Re: Just Exactly Who Is Dying ?

    Plagues cause wars and wars cause plagues...

    "Support mental health or I'll break your head"

    ...with a 6 foot stick and mask and gloves....

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