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    Shelley and I are camped out, have been almost a year for me now, waiting for some way to Nicaragua. Shelley will retire at the end of this year,, surely things will be open by then. As for me,, my only hope is the virus burns through CA and cases and deaths fall to an acceptable level. Or, they get really hungry.

    We have taken to walking to an enormous cemetery a short distance from the house, part of an effot to get some exercise. We go Saturday and Sunday mornings, and pick up the paper trash left by the homeless. The area is well tended by groundskeepers, and we leave the shit and syringes to them. Many parts of the cemetery are well shaded by mature Juniper and Cypress trees, making it a desirable walk, and reading the headstones is always fun.

    The cemetery is divided into many sections, and you can see, that way back when, there were sections for Italians, Germans, Chinese. There was even a section for the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aerie 180 Now it's more of a hodgepodge. There are several Jewish sections, some new ones specific to synagogues .

    The Catholics have their own cemetery to the north about 300 yards. We go there on Sundays.

    The homeless are chased out routinely, but it's a hopeless battle. In truth,, there are far less homeless recently, and it's much quieter at night. I believe, but don't know,, that they have all headed to the CHOP. And why not? You can shoot up, shit in the street, and otherwise do as you please. I imagine that all they have to do is ask for a bus ticket.

    There are several military sections, with a few headstones referencing the Spanish American war. The grave markers are small upright slabs of uniform white marble, in uniform order, and arranged in rows by year of death. Rank and unit of the deceased is shown,, as well as his name and dates of birth and death.

    Many of us have been struggling with our mortality recently. Life is a crapshoot, despite your best efforts you can be "called" at any time, and for any reason. No virus required.

    Shelley becomes nostalgic at times like these, and begins talking of some fenced area, set aside for our eternal rest. We have some special areas on the farm, little hills with views, that would be perfect. We've talked about cutting some deal with the Hermita a mile from the farm. A 99 year lease might be acceptable,, and I could trade them a bell tower and bell for the space.

    I've mentioned my preference of being fed to the pigs, but I'm not finding anyone willing to do the deed.

    The Catholics REALLY want a bell,, they could lord it over the evangelicals to no end. No one has a bell up there. The evangelicals would lose so much face. Interestingly, most of La Lima was born Catholic, even those as young as Krisnia, but subsequently converted to a pentecostal* form of evangelic.

    There is a foundry in Guadalajara that casts bells of all sizes.

    relating to or denoting any of a number of Christian movements and individuals emphasizing baptism in the Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues, prophecy, healing, and exorcism.

    Some pics of the headstones, plus a photo of
    Solitary Man Pondering his Mortality with a Smoothie

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