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Thread: Finally, Some Good Advice on Covid

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    Default Finally, Some Good Advice on Covid

    Embrace the Naturaleza, says Miss Nicaragua Mundo, with both . . arms

    Finally, some advice from an expert.
    I'm so "sick" of all this conflicting information from medical people.

    That dog is so cute.

    More in today's La Prensa

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    Default Re: Finally, Some Good Advice on Covid

    Nice, thank you!

    Wait, a wool coat in Nicaragua?

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    Default Re: Finally, Some Good Advice on Covid

    I broke out my wood shirt jac the other day in the mountains for the first time in ages. When you get consistent cloud cover the temp drops to the point we can sleep without ceiling fan or AC.
    We had 1 day where the Sahara cloud was very noticeable. The sky had a sickly weird white color that blocked the sun and kept temps down. The cloud is still there on the weather maps but mostly on the Caribbean side and even worse on the Mexican/US Gulf coast.

    "Support mental health or I'll break your head"

    ...with a 6 foot stick and mask and gloves....

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    Default Re: Finally, Some Good Advice on Covid

    Up in the mountains it can get downright cold in winter. Electric blanket cold.

    Although the electric blanket is more about keeping the bedding dry.

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