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Thread: Starlink - Heard of it? Thoughts

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    Default Starlink - Heard of it? Thoughts

    On the island (the one up North) there was a discussion about Stalink.

    It is one of Elon's babies for space based internet.

    I only assume they (we?) got on the short list is because it is in line with the Mi upper peninsula along with MN, ND, MT etc..

    So come time we build the construction hut for up on the island I should be able to get my hands on one dish for there and also for another to ship south. Probably will not get the one for down south until there are regulatory successes for Guat and Honduras and see if one can be boxed up and sent south in one of the regualr shipments.

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    Default Re: Starlink - Heard of it? Thoughts

    They are shooting up starlink satellites all the time, think send over 50 at a time, have seen several launches lately.
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