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    The Train still hasn't left the station.

    We wanted to make a fast trip south in a passenger vehicle to get insurance, car permit,, and visas,, and head back to Tucson. It's about a two-hour + drive to KM 21 south of Nogales where all the magic happens. The processing goes pretty quick but it's still a couple of hours. KM 21 was open,, but the insurance vendor I use closed for the long weekend.
    They do it online,, but I wanted the original insurance documents in hand.

    The following morning,, early,, looking like Tuesday now,, we head south with the truck.
    How early,, and where we cross is still a bit up in the air.

    I've had my best luck at the Nogales downtown crossing,, a little tight in terms of unloading,, but generally, I can hand them a list, explain what is going on,, they look in a few bins,, I pay them some modest amount,, and I'm on my way in an hour. You want to pay them something,, so you have the paperwork that shows that you cleared customs.
    Remember,, you still have to clear OUT of Mexico.

    Cold and dark might be to my advantage. Nogales downtown is open 24 hours,, the Mariposa commercial crossing is open for people like me from 6 AM to either 10 PM or midnight,, can't remember. There is a LOT of room for unloading your truck at Mariposa,, and last time, I unloaded it all. I didn't pay much, and I gave some guy hanging around $10 to actually do the lifting in and out.

    I'm going to slap together a rack out of 2 x 3,, just to support the tarp.

    The pic: The chicken plucker still has to be loaded, next to the stove,, as well as a few more bins,, plus Shelley has a framed mirror that will sit on top ---about the last thing loaded. The stove will stay where it is.
    The chicken plucker is relatively light (relatively being a relative term), and once off-loaded,, the rest of the bins are accessible.
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    Well,, it was supposed to be a fast trip,, and it might have been. Everything is going well,, the load is stable.

    We got ripped for $149 in gas,, the old "This card doesn't work,, do you have another?"
    Been there,, done that,, just need to call PayPal. They are really good.
    They immediately put your money back. and it's up to the seller to demonstrate that

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    We're in la Boca de Cielo, a long and thin island off the coast of Mexico next to Tonalá. It seemed like a good idea. advertised it as being in Paredon just off the highway. So why not spend the night on the beach for $30 ?

    It was 30 miles "south" after a long narrow road with 1000 topes. We didn't know that it was an island, so when we finally "arrived ", we still had a panga ride and parking to deal with. But, Adrian happily fixed us up for $5 per. "AND, if you think you might spend another day, you should pay the two days parking" What's five bucks among friends?

    The island (haven't asked yet why it's called a Boca) would be special but it's covered by restaurants catering to day trippers. Our goal at the moment is to get out of here before they arrive.

    We have a short distance to Tapachula and plan to head to the El Carmen crossing, walk over, talk to the Guatemalans.

    They are pretty nice there, will probably accept the Mexican customs docs, have us unload a couple of bins, charge us another $100 and send us on our way.

    We have our Covid antibody tests, translated into Spanish.
    Who knows?

    After that motorcyclist crashed, and since he had Covid antibodies, it was a. "Covid related death",, everyone is touchy. In Oaxaca everyone was wearing masks. Her in the Boca de Cielo, no one. Not a mask in sight as I write this.

    I just had a friend make his way to Nicaragua from Mexico by bus. He got there last week.

    We took a little longer getting here than we planned, but will still be home for Christmas.

    Sorry about the picture. I'm working on the phone without reading glasses
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