Took a spin thru Yali leaving La Pelota in Esteli. Road to San Rafael the usual--decent adoquin country road with too many drivers in a big hurry. San Rafael lack of pride of ownership/ deferred maintenance look.

SR to Yali, impressive. The last time we went there they were just prepping it for pavement. It is asphalt not bumpy blocks going thru remnant cloud forest. It has a Matagalpa affluence look, not an Esteli poverty look. Stopped at the cable thingy place for a light brunch. A couple other restaurants on the route. We didn't stop at the Volcan sendero because the little woman doesn't do hikes but I have it spotted for the future.

Yali unimpressive, road to Condega mostly prepped for pavement. Ton of heavy equipment and earth moving here, looks like they are going to do a good job but they have not started on the bridges yet.

Need to locate a decent hotel and do the hike some day.

Guestimate that long term better to return to Estli via Concordia. Even if they do a great job on the new Condega road it will still be a long detour and too much Panam exposure.