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Thread: The Days of Wine and Roses

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    Default The Days of Wine and Roses

    For us in the Madriz mountains,, this is the best time of year.
    We usually get enough odd rain to keep the grass green, but little more than that.

    The batteries are fully charged by 10AM.
    There is plenty of power for power tools and anything else.

    As I write this it's 77 F with 60% humidity.

    Until I get a well drilled, we become more aware of our water consumption.
    There is plenty as long as we are careful. The spring is a reliable producer.
    The only problem with the spring is,, it's a Km away from us, and the opportunity for water theft is ever present.
    When I get a reliable well drilled,, I'll probably just sell the parcel that contains the spring.

    Casual labor is plentiful this time of year. Coffee season is over,, planting won't start until May-June, depending.
    There is plenty of work in tobacco,, but it's an hour away in Condega.
    Still,, quite a few people either make the trip down on motorcycles (about a half hour) or the bus (at least an hour). Others put up with friends or family in Condega for the week, coming home Friday afternoon. The fabricas only pay about $7 day, but it's steady money, and buys a young buck a new MC on the time payment plan. The young girls get a better selection of potential novios. A couple both working can make $300 /month .

    Campo life is drudgery.

    We are getting a lot of fence and construction work done.
    I put in a leach field for my septic tank.

    The pressure washer we bought at PriceSmart has proved to be a godsend.
    It cleans everything, with very little effort.
    That plus the wet dry vac allows us to get ahead of the dirt , no small feat in Nicaragua.
    The lawnmower is working again, in fact, just about EVERYTHING is blessedly working.
    A new washer and dryer, new fridge and stove. Jesus must love us big time.

    We only work five days here.
    Shelley and I work both Sat and Sun if we are here, but there is no one needing direction, oversight, asking questions. It's like being on vacation even though we have chores to complete.

    Gaylord has to be fed, and we are down to one pelebuey doe and her two lambs. They just have to be let out of their pen. Violeta (the sow) is boarding up at Jayro's. I buy concentrado,, he takes care of her, and we are splitting the profit (if any) from the sale of her chanchitos in another six weeks.

    The chickens mostly take care of themselves. As do the horses.

    So, it's a pretty easy life, and we still have April, May and June to look forward to.

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    Spoke too soon

    Global warming and drought have returned,
    heavy rain at night the last three days, and cool, breezy, days.

    This Global Warming IS truly an existential threat as AOK claims: we may all freeze to death.

    The rain DOES keep everything nicely green.
    And the pigs like the weather.

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