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Thread: tigo/movistar in CR

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    Default tigo/movistar in CR

    Stopped by the tigo joint the other day. Man on duty says within 20 minutes of entering CR I should get a message authorizing roaming.

    Or I can turn off the phone and restart it which should trigger the roaming message.

    Or I can go into my phone settings and do it.

    With 3 options maybe I will get it right. Usually I am on tourist mode and dont care, but will all the travel booby traps now I want to have as many ducks in a row as possible.

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    Default Re: tigo/movistar in CR

    If Tigo works as well in CR as it did for us in Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico,, you will be in great shape.

    Actually , Tigo worked better OUT of the country than in Nicaragua.

    As a bonus you can enable the phone's HotSpot and use it to feed your laptop.

    At $ 21.99 for the lowest priced plan it is one hell of a deal.

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