I was convinced that the rainy season had started last week.

It just felt like it,, like the seasons had changed.
And there was a lot of rain for two days and two nights.

Everything greened up,, my neighbor planted a mess of beans, and we haven't had any more than a serious sprinkle for five days.

Maybe it's raining somewhere else,, but it's not raining here, and I'm looking at a bright Venus in the western sky as I write this.

We were planning on planting corn on May 25, good thing we did not.
Other tareas have kept us occupied.
Fences were in serious disrepair, and everything was overgrown.

It's hard to believe that we've been here six months already.

The soil is very dry, and while the sun is not intense because of a hig, partial, overcast, it is still hot.
My batteries are charged by 7AM, partly due to the angle of the sun, partly due to the longer days, and lesser discharge at night.

It's actually quite pleasant. Evenings are like Florida on the east coast, no sweater required now.
There is a steady breeze. The air feels dry.

We had a high of 86 today.

My spring continues to produce, but we're irrigating very little.
Some sweet potatoes, and some small plantings in the greenhouse.