I have a friend who builds houses and works for me two days a week at the moment.

Anyway, one of the houses he built had a solar system installed.
The owner paid about $13K. It included batteries,, but they didn't sound impressive.
They had a Disnorte connection available, but wanted the energy independence.

This is an ad I get regularly:

There is more left out than included. The website needs work:
An attempt to get more detail gets you a picture of an air conditioner, and some guy wiring a box
No matter where you click on the page.

It's obviously a grid tie system, no mention of batteries. No mention of how it's structured. Do you sell your excess power to Disnorte during the day and buy it back at night ???
The ROI is impressive if you can believe the numbers,, free electricity after three years for the 3.2 KW system. That is a decent investment.

One big problem with grid tie and no battery backup is, when the grid is down, so is your system even though the sun might be shining brightly. An awful lot of people in California with grid tie solar found that out to their dismay over the last two years. That's got to chap after dropping $25K for a solar installation.

Then your choice is to get on the waiting list for a Tesla Power Wall,, $10K or more,, or buy a natural gas or propane whole house generator. Cheaper than a power wall,, but you have the cost of fuel

Installation included and a "guarantee".
The guarantee was the first place I went.
Picture of an AC unit and a guy wiring . . . .