From Medscape:

. . . . These 54 patients were deemed to have breakthrough infections.

Among them, 25 (46%) were asymptomatic (hospitalized for reasons other than COVID infection), four (7%) had mild disease, 11 (20%) had moderate disease, and 14 (26%) had severe or critical illness.

The median age in the latter group was 80 years.
Four of the 14 patients required intensive care, one required mechanical ventilation and three died.

Pre-existing comorbidities in the group with severe COVID-19 included cardiovascular disease (12 patients), overweight (nine patients), lung disease (seven), type-2 diabetes (seven), malignancy (four), and use of an immunosuppressive agent (four).

...........Still, there are similarities, said Dr. Torriani, who was not involved in the new research. The California study found a fifth to a quarter of COVID hospitalizations to have resulted from breakthrough infections. In addition, all of the few cases that required intensive care had severe comorbidities, such as solid organ or bone-marrow transplant, or were at high risk of severe disease, for example because of obesity.

>>>>These people were knocking on heaven's door before the pandemic.

A take off on the,, "he got hit by a bus, but was positive for Covid 19, hence died of Covid and the hospital cashed the $30K check" syndrome.

You can hear the hospital administrator saying,,

"Test everyone!!"