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    Our friend Daniel apparently had some second thoughts as to where he wants to be when this is all over.
    But even abstaining, he's in disreputable company.
    Maybe the Russians didn't bring enough money when they visited ?

    Cuba abstained, an even bigger surprise. But,, El Salvador ? South Africa ?

    And Xiomara is not the commie that we all feared she might be.
    She voted in favor.

    Venezuela of course cannot vote because they owe the UN $40 million.

    But, we're a long way until the Fat Lady sings on this one.

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    Of course Ortega voted with China, as did N.Korea and many African countries.

    Bannon says that with Biden's moves, the economic war has already gone thermonuclear, while the siege war plays out slowly on our TVs. As I understand it the gambit is to bring down the US dollar as the most important currency in the world, which now plays a central role in global trade and finance as both a store of value and a medium of excha. Biden & commie cohorts have been doing their bit for the CCP by flooding markets with trillions of unearned U$, continuing quantatative easing while inflation screams for tightening the money supply. And by mandating the US off the energy cliff with their bullshit Green New Deal. Russia is a major producer of gas & oil that the West (Europe and, yes, the US) continue to rely on. So those 'sanctions' only hurt common Ruskies that saved ruples., not Putin and the powerful oligarch.

    China has locked in a guareenteed sorce of energy with its compact with Russia (& Iran). And let us not forget that China already produces all the world's stuff (Tesla, iPhones, &c.), so the Russians are natural customers.

    The CCP's aim is to make their own crypto-Renminbi ther future world basis currancy, which will bring the whole earth under their total surveillance/control.

    As Sun Tzu wrote. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Capitalism is the game that dominates all the halls of power in the world today and the Chinese are excellent players.

    Russia/Putin was conveniently provoked into attacking Ukraine by the West-NATO, with this current US regime playing a key role.
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