Today was beautiful.
Everything was green,, the sun was bright all day,, giving the batteries a needed hammering.
With these long days and the sun directly overhead,, the solar system does well.
Even with a high overcast,, the battery will be complete charged by 10 AM

The temperature was perfect, maybe a high of 75.
Sunset out of a travel guide.

We're enjoying the season of lodo and moscas right now. Mud and flies.
According to International Living,, October is the wettest month.

This is a wet year. It's hard to get a precise figure because my rain gauge resets at midnight and it rains a lot at night.
It does keep a log but I'm too lazy to access it.

We came out of a very dry, dry season, with quite a bit of water theft,, some fences cut so my neighbors' cows could get to my pasture.

After being away for the better part of a year,, There is a lot to do.
I've changed oil in all the small engines, a surprising number.

Two generators, pressure washer, mower, machine that takes the kernels off the cob,, and the machine that grinds the kernels.
It's a chore keeping the gas fresh. I use a fuel stabilizer, and generally mix in a small amount of 50-1 from the weed whackers,
It keeps the gas from turning to varnish and plugging the jets in the carburetors.
But if I'm not here ??

Two chainsaws to service, air filters all around.
No self respecting Nicaraguan would ever change oil,, blow out an air filter.

Mower blade needs to be sharpened,, I use a metabo, goes fast and easy.
The lawn HAS to be mown weekly or it has to be cut with a week whacker.

I replaced the pump that pushes the water up to the "gate pila" . We have four,, Spring pila, where it all originates, tower, bench and gate pila.
We keep the bench pila and tower pila for ourselves,, about 10,000 gallons.
The spring (7500) and the new gate pila (9000) are where the bulk of the water comes from.

If things got dicey, we would still have the bench and tower pilas to fall back on.
Sounds like a lot of water,, but we had a lot of theft from the Spring pila as it got drier and drier.

Downed trees,, road damage from the heavy rain, and some fence repair round out the chore list.
The spring has to be serviced.
There are a lot of small, broken, boulders in the front, towards the flow of water.
You want sharp, broken edges on the rocks.

Over a year's time,, the mud fills in the spaces between the rocks.
That is how it is supposed to work. It keeps the water pristine, but eventually the flow is blocked.
The rocks have to be pulled out, hosed off,, and replaced.
The spring has actually gotten better, more productive over the years.

This puts a lot of mud into the spring itself, of course.
which is a concrete enclosure with cinder blocks on the bottom,,, turned on their sides to facilitate the water flow.

So,, then we clean the spring thoroughly.
Then we clean the spring pila (concrete storage tank). Here is where the pressure washer shines.
Dump a gallon of chlorine into the spring, cover everything back up,, and we're good for another year.
Easier to do in May,, but I wasn't here.

Toilet to replace, sink drain to re-work,, it all adds up.