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Thread: Google News December 1, 2022

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    Default Google News December 1, 2022

    Nicaragua Daily update ⋅ December 1, 2022
    Nicaragua bars EFE correspondent in Managua from returning home - La Prensa Latina La Prensa Latina
    The Nicaraguan journalist was due to return to the Central American nation after a work trip to Panama. Palacios, who began working at EFE in 2006 and ...

    Ortega Bans EFE News Agency Rep in Nicaragua - Havana Times Havana Times
    Nicaraguan Luis Felipe Palacios was preparing to return home after a work trip for an EFE news agency event held in Panama.

    Nicaraguan Migrants At US Border: Are They Being 'Pushed' Or 'Pulled'? – Analysis Eurasia Review
    Why are more Nicaraguans heading north to the United States looking for jobs? ... Talking to the families of migrants here in Nicaragua, ...

    Stars at Noon finds Joe Alwyn and Margaret Qualley in a steamy love affair in present-day Nicaragua ABC
    We're in Managua, Nicaragua, and the streets are pockmarked with glassy puddles from an earlier downpour. Qualley's soles, inevitably, end up ...

    When to Call It Quits - Stanford Social Innovation Review Stanford Social Innovation Review
    As the Nicaraguan government tightened its grip on authoritarian rule, ... Due to limited government funding, students in Nicaragua's public ...

    Construction of US$100mn Nicaragua hospital stalls - BNamericas BNamericas
    Construction of Nicaragua's US$100mn Nuevo Amanecer Regional hospital has practically stalled, reaching 44% completion, while registering 43% in ...

    What channel is Estrada vs. Chocolatito 3 on in Nicaragua? Live stream info, start time, fight ... DAZN
    But will the Nicaraguan get the win he craves? Here's everything you need to know ahead of Estrada vs. Chocolatito 3.

    Everything you need to know about the new law for the regulation and control of Non-Profit ... Lexology
    The National Assembly of Nicaragua approved last November 9th, 2022, ... In the Nicaraguan finance and microfinance sector, the existence of ...

    In Nicaragua, "the whole of civil society has been criminalized" - Globe Echo Globe Echo
    It is with these words that the Nicaraguan journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, director of the media Confidential, began her vibrant speech on ...

    León Fredy Muñoz, Colombian ambassador in Nicaragua, will continue to be investigated ... The Times Hub
    “I have formally presented the style copies of the credentials that accredit me as Ambassador of Colombia in Nicaragua. This is how we formalize the ...

    Central America - Ipas Ipas
    Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador have complete abortion bans; in El Salvador, ... Since Nicaragua's abortion ban was enacted in 2006, Ipas has ...

    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    With journalism looking dire, she's turned to sex work –
    that other gig economy – which she performs in exchange for either dollars or favours from local politicians and their foot soldiers.

    It's a sad commentary on our country,, when sex workers are respected more than journalists.
    Think of almost anyone on MSNBC,, or The View *

    Of course, no one watches MSNBC, and probably wouldn't notice if they replaced their "journalists" with sex workers.

    Or maybe it's just me ?

    *Oddly,, this ties into another experience I had today. So, I had my annual exam finally,, which is mostly a questionaire I fill out, then a blood draw, and reluctantly,, a flu shot. That was yesterday morning,, this morning I woke up achy, with my nose full of snot. But it feels like a light case.

    I had a friend get the latest Covid booster,, he immediately got Covid and was sick for two weeks.
    He looked like crap when I saw him on Wednesday.
    He's lost ten pounds. He's a tall, husky, African American about ten years younger than me.

    I'm vaxxed and boosted, but this last booster seems to be making people sick.

    *Back to my story. I asked Tatiana,, my NP for a few Ambien because I have been waking up at midnight or 2 AM and have trouble returning to sleep.
    I feel rested,, and often get up and do something, but I know it's not enough rest to get me through the day.

    My idea was, the Ambien would keep me asleep,, and "train" me to sleep the night.

    I haven't seen a US primary care physician in years,, it seems the practices function 100% with nurse practitioners.
    This is not necessarily bad,, we're talking about an interview mostly. Someone else did vitals,, drew blood, and gave me the shot.

    Tatiana was in one hell of a hurry.
    I waited 45 minutes for my 15 minute interview, and she skipped the favorite part of my exam where she pushes a finger up my butt for a colorectal "sample".

    She tells me,, we don't prescribe Ambien for old people because it might add to their "confusion"
    I can give you trasodone,, but you might be groggy when you wake up ???? WTF
    Being a polite guy,, I don't say,, "shove the trasodone where the sun doesn't shine" but rather politely decline, with " a groggy wake up is not what I'm looking for"

    When I got home,, I decided to look up trasodone,, and find that it's an anti depressant ???
    So that is WTF X 2 for the day.

    But perhaps I should have accepted:
    The thought of having sex with Joy Behar is really depressing me at the moment

    I really wanted to read the book,, Stars at Noon , I'm a sucker for anything to do with the Nicaraguan revolution.
    The cheapest copy I could find was $62

    From the scary and hellish beginning we are straight into the mind of the narrator, a woman adrift in the maelstrom of political chaos in Nicaragua, 1984. The Contras and the Sandinista are at war. Our narrator is variously a reporter for an American magazine and an observer for the Eyes of Peace organisation, but she has plenty of money - albeit not in the right currency - and is being hounded by the sub-tenente, a military bully, who solicits sexual favours and confiscates her press card, leaving her vulnerable to arrest. But our (unnamed throughout) narrator is also not above posing as a prostitute when she comes across an Englishman and falls for him for no other reason than that he seems even more vulnerable than herself.

    The Englishman has got himself into some kind of espionage trap and our narrator tries to help him escape, only to be dragged even further into the hotbed of Nicaraguan political unrest. Then the story is complicated by the entry of an obvious CIA agent into the mixture. The relentless heat, the poverty and degradation of the native Nicaraguans, the seedy hotels and bars, the cold-eyed military oppressors, this might be Greene-land, told by Raymond Chandler.

    The movie is available for free if you have Amazon Prime, or for $16 if you want to buy it.
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