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    Default Getting a Residency

    Can anyone please provide me with instructions on how to get a Nicaraguan Residency? Also, does anyone have any reccomendations on Lawyers who can help get a residency? Thank you.

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    Where are you located now? is there a Nicaraguan Counsulate near you? Basicaly what they are interested in is, you are not a criminal at large, and not a bum, that you have some means of support...
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    Default From the Ley of the land...

    The nearest consulate to where you live is a good place to start, all documents after being notarized, and getting an apostille, must be authenticated at the consulate office nearest to where the document originated. We are applying for retired status.

    "Article 10. All persons interested in obtaining the benefits of this Act, must apply with the Secretary of Economy, Industry and Commerce at the General Office of Tourism, or with authorized Nicaraguan consular officials abroad. They must submit the documentation which provides evidence of the conditions established in Article 2 of this Act, of their nationality, their good standing and a certificate of health, certifying that the applicant does not suffer from mental illness nor any infectious or contagious diseases. The General office of Tourism will issue a Resolution within fifteen days after the receipt of the application, and shall make it known to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, at the Department of Immigration, in order to issue the Residency Identification for a “Resident Pensioner” or “Individual Living on Investments”."

    We had a lot of help from our great lawyer;

    Paul Tiffer Rodríguez
    Abogado y Notario Público
    Tiffer & Asociados
    Hospital Militar 1c al Lago,
    1 c abajo.
    Telf: 2668622; Cel.: 8841652
    Managua, Nicaragua

    Paul Tiffer []

    Good luck

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