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    Uri had to run to Matagalpa over night to get a new spindle when the first one made some noise.

    But overall,, Shelley says the finish looked good. And it drives well.

    The cost was $1300, and Uri nicked us for the cost of a rear view mirror, and a headlight, another $200
    I got $1600 from Geico when I backed my Ford F150 into a light standard and crushed the rear panel on the bed.
    So, it seemed fair. I remember I got the damage fixed in Estelí for about $500.
    And that included a few small dings filled and painted as well. the paint work was very good and has held up

    Uri gave Shelley a loaner when she arrived,, the truck wasn't quite ready.
    Shelley had to change one tire on the loaner and get another fixed.
    But it got her to the farm and back to Estelí. She's not a big bus fan.

    Windshield, door, and door glass had to be found,, as well as some driveline parts.

    We still have to buy a wheel,, get a matching tire at PriceSmart, and probably an alignment ($10 at PriceSmart)
    The spare will get us by until she can get back to PriceSmart
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    I think you are sneaking up on 2 yrs now with that truck - What would you say with the typical street price of 5000 to 7000 bucks - Are they worth it?

    Thinking of one for a hobby work on truck late this year and then to let our via my BIL and for him to do airport runs.
    Dude !!!.... Its a Canal !!! Can you Dig it ??

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    Yes,, I think that $5K would buy you a nice one
    It's a great little truck, Shelley loves it. Sips diesel.
    Surprising payload,, 800 lbs

    4WD AC
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