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Thread: Diccionario de Espanol de Nicaragua

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    Default Diccionario de Espanol de Nicaragua

    Diccionario de Espanol de Nicaragua, by Francisco Arellano Oviedo

    It's raining, and someone says, "Chimbos de agua!" leaving you scratching your head. Then, you finish your glass of pinolillo and your compadre laughs at your sour expression and says something about chingaste. And, to top off the day, someone calls you a playo, and (if you're a guy) you think to yourself, "Maybe that means I'm a player, how cool is that?

    If you get out your copy of Arellano Oviedo's Diccionario de Espanol de Nicaragua, your whole world will change. You'll learn that chimbo means "a lot of," similar to un monton (literally "a heap [of]"). You'll learn that chingaste is the gritty precipitate at the bottom of home made juices and powdered drinks that you aren't expected to ingest. And you'll discover that a playo is an effeminate male with homosexual tendencies.

    Arellano Oviedo's 409 page dictionary is more than a compilation of Nica slang. He has etymologized many words back to their origins in Nahuatl and other languages, cited historical uses of many words, and included chimbos of other information. It belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in the fine art of Nica communication, and is certain to be the official dictionary of

    I found this book in the 1st floor magazine stand at Sandino Int'l. Airport and headed to the checkout stand without even bothering to look at the price (C$350, or about U$19). Find a copy while they last. Sr. Arellano Oviedo has, with this book, hit a jonron.

    The book is copyright 2007, published by PAVSA.

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    I have heard the word "Chimbasso" used to describe "A lot of " as well.

    Think you made a good pick on the book
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