Well, Big Red is back in our garage in Jinotepe and Roger was thrilled to take her to work today. No more walking to the finca! She looks a bit cleaner than last I saw her and the overhaul has her sounding much healthier. There's more work to be done but for all basic purposes...She's back!

It was an adventure getting her fixed, as are most things in this country. After the mechanic's attempt at gringoing us, Roger ended up buying a 'new' used engine at a chop shop-like place in Las Colinas. This low mileage engine cost about twice what it would have in Ga, though.

It took a month to get the engine bought and put in place, with only a few days of arguing with the mechanic over what other parts he could charge us for that we didn't need, and then one more day insisting he return the parts he had attempted to steal. Wish I had a picture of the fella's face as he was made to lay out all the parts from the old engine and then explain where the missing pieces were. Guess he didn't figure the gringo knew much 'bout engines. :roll:

Roger spent the afternoon on the finca fixing all the things that mechanic either screwed up or didn't know how to fix, adjusting the clutch, adding all the necessary fluids, rewiring the tail lights, and readjusting the steering wheel position. Won't be too much longer till we take her to another mechanic in Nandaime for his ideas 'bout making a lift kit, Nica-style of course, for her. Can't wait to see how that goes. Then just a little body work, and she'll be as good as new!