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Thread: The things most folks take for granted,

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    Default The things most folks take for granted,

    like electricity and running water, have been sorely lacking in Jinotepe lately. Water shuts off daily, recently as early as 11am, and doesn't return until dinner time. Power outages, or apagónes as they're called down here, are short in duration but long on the "drive me crazy" factor. Not being much of a morning person, I thank goodness for great Nicaraguan coffee!

    Today I got an early start with a full pot of Cafe San Sebastian dark roast, took advantage of the great water pressure to clean the shower, mop the floors and do two loads of laundry, got some work done online at the cyber cafe across the street (thieves stole the phone line therefore no internet at my house...heavy sigh), then walked the six blocks into town for this weekend's football food.

    The market was packed and the ear-shattering music coming from loudspeakers by the church made me think it was yet another holiday. Nope, just a McCormick's vendor with a display in the middle of the street. I never knew making people deaf was a good way to sell mayonnaise!?

    The locals were in a festive mood and I got quite a few "hola, chelita guapa" which basically translates to "hey, pretty little whitey". This is a pretty funny place to live sometimes! :roll:

    After buying the requiste wings and tortillas and salsa makings, I purchased 10 lbs of pork neck bones (at 3 cords or 16 cents/lb that's cheap healthy dog food!) then lugged all my goodies home. Talk about good exercise!

    Only had time to make up pasta noodles and prep the ingredients for a creamy onion tater soup before we lost water first, then power. Guess that's my sign to quit for the day. Time to sit in the garden with a cold cerveza and enjoy Nicaragua's beautiful blue skies.
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    Default you gotta...

    give my wife cooking lessons when we get down there. *but, i gotta make it like it was her idea.
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