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Thread: A Productive Walk Around Town...

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    Default A Productive Walk Around Town...

    After lots of rain over the past week, Monday in Jinotepe was beautiful sunny skies with fluffy white clouds. Seemed like a perfect time for a walk around town. I was most interested in the west side of town as I know nothing past Hotel Casa Mateo. It's quiet over there with little to no traffic.

    Just two blocks west of the north west corner of Central Park, or one block south then one block west of Hotel Casa Mateo, is the most incredible bakery I've experienced in Nicaragua, Trigo Y Miel. With my long years spent in catering, I'm pretty hard to please when it comes to food quality. This place blew my mind. I tried several items today and all were incredible, tons of flavor, baked to perfection, and with an emphasis on appearance. The large selection of items had me drooling something serious, too.

    And as if this find weren't enough, just katy corner from the bakery is a pool hall that is just calling my name. A tiny place with only two tables, felt in good condition and great rails, the lady who owns the place speaks great English, serves cold beer and a menu of wings, hot dogs and hamburgers...need I say more? Now I REALLY can't wait till we get enough rain to make Roger stay home!

    My shooting skills are a bit rusty I imagine, haven't played in almost two years, but it's definitely time to unpack my pool cue, grab some country music CDs and head over to the west side of Jinotepe very soon!
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    Default such a deal....

    the bakery had beautiful white walls with a clay roof!

    and, errrr uuhhmmmm, i uuhhmmmm, thought it was, catty corner, was i wrong all these years?
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    "The West side is the best side."

    That bakery's got me drooling.

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    Uhhhh, can smell it all the way over here...
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    Default please....

    report in jpjw..........
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