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    Some of you may have heard of the big Credit Card Cloaning operation that has been taking place in Nicaragua, its been in the news for the past few months.

    I just got to experience this for the first time!

    I am almost positive that the card was cloaned by staff at the "La Union Supermercado" on Car. a Masaya right down the road from Edificio Pellas and Burger King in Managua. As the time frame fits the crime.

    So far about U$1000 in charges have shown up on my card all made in Brazil. Fortunately I am back in the US to straighten this fraud out.

    Talking to the bank at the internet cafe with a generator running, dogs barking and busses beaping their horns every 2 seconds, about charges on my card, is extremely hard to do.

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    Somehow I missed that in La Prensa and El Nuevo Diario, but I don't look every day. What do they do, use the carbon paper slips and run an extra? Or is it electronic?

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    I heard they busted a big operation out of Bello Horizonte, using very sophisticated equipment. I had also heard that towards the begining of the year there was a problem with some of the staff at Crowne Plaza on the same issue.

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