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Thread: Laguna?

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    Default Laguna?

    Guess which one this is.

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    Default darryl

    All this for a flag? Michelle Obama

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    Default Re: Laguna?

    looks like the nasty laguna de tiscapa lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Gringo
    Guess which one this is.

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    Default No secrets here

    Tiscapa. I pulled over and took the picture.


    There was a fountain at one end that was working and the lagoon seemed fenced in all around. You can see the cable where they do the tour. If you are fortunate enough to be Nicaraguan then you pay 7USD-others pay more.


    I talked with someone who says that almost all the lagoons are polluted save for Apoyo. And this lagoon is on the ropes. Many say that unless something is done in 6 to 10 years it will be lost.

    Much raw sewage and cooking oils are added every day. The Nica Government just in the last 4 months has stopped all new construction so if you buy a piece of land as of now you will NOT be able to build a new structure.

    No outlet but a large volume of water with 48 kilometer surface area and 200 meter deep in the middle. We have lakes this big in Florida but they only are about 20 feet deep at most so this is probably 25 to 30 times more water than similar size lake here.

    All the deveopment thus far is on the far side left of Catarina with a new resort opening soon on the opposite undisturbed side. This deal was done with the old government.

    If this were in Costa Rica they would buy out or simply take all the land around this jewel. In US they would call it 'imminent domain' or such. First step I guess is good to stop the building. Then they have to figure a way to get rid of the people living (at least on the bottom part) of the lagoon.

    I hope they save this jewel or we will be saying remember when...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gringo
    Then they have to figure a way to get rid of the people living (at least on the bottom part) of the lagoon.
    There are people living at the bottom of the lake? Maybe we've found Atlantis!

    Seriously, there are ways to clean it up and keep it that way without kicking out all the residents. All it takes is money and enforcement, both of which Nicaragua sorely lacks.

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    Default More Laguna de Tiscapa

    For those like me who like this place...

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