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Thread: SURFARI Nicaragua- TV show

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    Default SURFARI Nicaragua- TV show

    A new TV show has been created featuring Nicaraguas Pacific Beaches from Chinandega to Rivas, and the surfing of the top 5 of the country. The program will begin on November 4th on Channel 11 and air at 2:00 pm on Sundays and repeat at 5:30 pm on Saturdays.

    The 5 surfers will be Rex Calderón, Zamir Duarte, Dennis Núñez, Luis Chamorro and Augusto Chamorro.

    The program is focused on the tourism that Surfing brings and will also show bits and pieces of the country as well. Depending on how successful this program is, there are future plans of expanding it to the Carribean coast as well.

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    Default I would like to see that show!

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    maybe someone will throw it on YouTube.

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    The only kind of surfing I have seen going on on this side is what could be called Body Surfing....

    The waves crashing onto the beach that would be good for the other kind of Surfing, I have only seen at the bar mouth of Greytown, or San Juan de Norte, put me heart in me throat, crossing that one.
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    JW please keep that information about the wave locations TOP SECRET, notify myself and Webtrainer ONLY :lol:

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    heres the website, theres a little teaser video on there.

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    don't go telling anyone about the waves we discovered on our way down the backside. I know you declined to sign the non-disclosure form but still, secrets are meant to be kept.
    You know I wasn't that scared going over the bar at San Juan del Norte, till I saw you put your wallet in your pocket.
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