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Thread: Anyone Know Nica Construction Costs/Building Process?

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    Default Anyone Know Nica Construction Costs/Building Process?

    Just wondering from people who have recently built what the costs were? It'd be great if you could break it down by process too (footing, basic structure, roof, windows/doors, septic, etc.).

    I am looking to move down for the entire construction process, help out, and employ people by weekly salary rather than a large sum for the job....basically act as the GC. Is this a bad idea, good idea...?

    Last question: What costs am I looking at for a 2 story ~2500 sq ft. home with 2nd story deck, but just the basic structure of the home (no interior work, plumbing, etc.). Just exterior, roof, windows/doors...I know it veries greatly on design, but think basic. If I were to do the GC work and just hire the specialists and pay them weekly while I oversee everything, what should I expect to pay?

    Thanks in advance, just trying to get some info off someone who has recently gone through construction.

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    I built our home starting about 4 years ago and finished last year, the prices are changing quite often, and I am not up on the increases in Materials EVERYTHING seems to have gone up in price (except for the labor) and for a nice percentage.

    The labor is great, if you are on scene running things constantly, keep them doing what you want. If your not you are looking at more cost issues with supervision and fixing mistakes you could have prevented from being there.

    Our newest portion of the house, a large bedroom and bathroom, about 300 square feet total, with glass windows and steel bars, wood doors, floor and shower tile, large tub/shower, toilet, sink, metal perlins, corrogated metal roof (shed style, roof height starts at 10 feet high and reduces down to 9 feet), footings (about 4 feet deep), cement floor, 5 block walls, construction and welding labor, electricity, plumbing, paint, horizontal reinforcing every 3 feet (w/ 4 bands of rebar) and vertical reinforcing every 8 feet (and on corners, door/window opening) (also 4 bars of rebar). This all cost us about $4500ish. I would say before the extras (basic construction) it was probably about half that.

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    Cost is heavily dependent on location. SJDS costs a lot more than Jinotepe, Corn Island costs a lot more than Managua. It's partly a function of distance to the nearest supplier of building materials, and also what the market will bear.

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