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Thread: Land on the Corn Islands

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    Default Land on the Corn Islands

    Anyone know of any land for sale on the Corn Islands? Thanks for any suggestions.

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    At least three people on this site own land there, so have patience and you'll find out.

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    Plenty of land for sale (maybe not by the real owner though). Be careful & cautious. Spend a few months there & see if it something you are interested in (the Atlantic Coast is a whole other country). Everything is much more expensive there because everything is imported

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    Default You

    really need to do what Kevin suggests....spend some time there and search things out.
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    You can spend years on the island doing research... nine times out of ten, you will find that you are looking at a piece of property which is owned by 10 -20 people, regardless of the fact that one family member is representing "himself" as the sole owner.

    The best deal I have seen has just been offered... and that is by Garry Lessene, who is selling a house he has just built on Big Corn. Garry actually owns the land and house... without question. And is selling it at a price that you could never get if you tried to buy and build on your own.

    I am not in the real estate business but am sick and tired of people getting "screwed." I give you my personal recommendation and I have never done that before; believe me, I know about of the land scams on the Corn Islands.

    You can contact Garry through the link on the "real estate" page from (which is my not-for-profit info website).

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    Marlies, what in the world are you doing?

    We are supposed to keep things like this amongst ourselves, till we can come up with the $ to buy out a scaredy cat..

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