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    Ortega said today that he will again search for the 73 year old remainders of Augusto C. Sandino, a national hero. After an ill attempt in the 80's. He is forming a team of investigaotrs and seeking outside help.

    The murder happened at the "Ajax Delgado" Complex of the National Police also known as "La Aviación", and occupied by the Guardia Nacional.

    Ortega stated that the plan to kill Sandino was by the United States becuase they were humiliated when they had to pull their soldiers from Nicaragua after occupying the country during the years of the 20's and 30's

    it was said that the remainders could be in Lago Xolotlán, near where the Complex "La Aviacion" is.

    According to the Cultural and Historical Commity of the Alcaldia of Managua, until 1944 the remainders of Augusto Sandino were burried in a common grave in the yard of the prison of "La Aviacion". When the popular movement against the Somoza dictatorship happened, the remains were supposedly removed, burned and the ashes were widespread where the Micropresa was built on Tiscapa.

    So do you think they will ask for the United States help to find the remains? or is this a stupid question?

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    Jorge Espinosa Estrada, the Nicaraguan archeologist which found the second set of foot prints of Acahualinca in 1977 as well as a Skeleton of a man over 1000 years old in 2001, says that he has a suspition of where he can find the remains of Augusto C. Sandino, hero to some, bandit to others.

    In 1980 the search for his grave was stopped because the area where they were searching the old prison "La Aviación", now "Ajax Delgado", was near a military installation which prevented them from continuing the search.

    26 years ago Jorge had the opportunity to interview the soldier who murdered Sandino, Carlos Eddy Monterrey, and the soldier Abelardo Cuadra whom burried the body in a common grave in 1934.

    Monterrey confessed to killing Sandino after a superior with the last name Delgadillo, told him too. After murdering Sandino, Francisco Estrada and Juan Pablo Umanzor got into a jeep with the body of Sandino and a boy that was killed in the house of Sofonía Salvatierra, and headed for a common grave.

    Jorge also had the opportunity to visit and interview José Somoza in Miami, brother of Luis and Anastasio Somoza Debayle. He said that Anastasio Somoza García sent some people to remove the remains of Sandino, before anyone discovered them. José Somoza also said that Luis Somoza Debayle had the Jaw of Sandino's skull, however Jorge said that he does not believes that there is a chance it wasn't Sandino's because it was from a common grave and at the time DNA tests were not conducted.

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