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Thread: New Penal Code approved

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    Default New Penal Code approved

    The Asamblea Nacional approved the new "Codigo Penal" yesterday. This code will take effect in 60 days.

    (Once they get the Asamblea webpage running properly again, I can give some more information on it.)

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    This is the 5th Codigo Penal in Nicaraguan History. As mentioned by one of the representatives the Codigo Penal allows for a more Democratic and Modern version, it allows for the particular CRIME to be punished with the appropriate time, rather than to the person for what he/she represents.

    As a surprise to many they took out the "Sodomy" crime from the Penal Code, I wrote about it here:

    However in despite of the Gay rights which have been given, Theraputic Abortion is still very illegal.

    Liberal representative, Carlos Gadea, was the only against taking out "Sodomy" from the code. he says that this will allow a gate to be open that could eventually allow for Gay Marraige. Then he mentioned that some of his colleagues promote (without mentioning names) promote Homo-Sexuality.

    One of the other representatives mentioned that the Penal code can not determine what is moral as to ones sexual persuasion.

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    An additional note to this penal code is that it reduces money laundering charges from 20 to 10 years and allows for Arnoldo Aleman (who has technically served 5 years in "Prison") to be set 100% free under a conditon that allows him only to serve half his time on good behavior.

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    The penalties for Aleman are irrelevant - a red herring. He's obviously above the law, so it's a moot point.

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