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Thread: Cooking Classes in Managua

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    Default Cooking Classes in Managua

    Begining on November 21, 2007 "Instituto Culinario Santa Lucia" will be opening its doors for cooking classes.

    They offer classes starting at $15 for individuals, for your maid/cook, Children, Teens, Adults, there is also a "Date" night where for $40 a couple can learn to cook.


    The Institute is in front of Pollo Tip Top of the first entrance to "Las Colinas" (big white house on the corner).

    Lisa brought this to my attention, thanks.

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    The Cooking school "Instituto Culinario Santa Lucía" was mentioned today. They mention their 170 seat restaurant serving up Mediteranean style cooking, and their classes which will teach many varieties of food from around the world.

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    I love to cook! I have a degree in Culinary Arts.
    Dios es Amor!

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    And I am here to tell you, I love to eat....Call me in time...I hate to be late for something GOOD....
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