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Thread: Jack Nicklaus arrives today

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    Default Jack Nicklaus arrives today

    (Canadian)Kevin Fleming on the left, President of "Nicaragua Development", along with Jack Nicklaus

    Jack Nicklaus will be arriving at approximately 11:30 this morning in Nicaragua, aboard his private jet. He will then be flown to Montelimar on a Helicopter, where he will be transfered to "Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort", located between La Boquita and Pochomil in the department of Carazo.
    6 of the 18 holes on the Jack Nicklaus designed golf course are finished. This design costing U$1.5 million dollars.

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    Jack Nicklaus made a guest appearance at "Hotel Intercontinental", in Managua last night.

    He mentioned that the last time he was in Nicaragua was 40 years ago, when he had the opportunity to Fish on the Río San Juan.

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