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Thread: Exports from Nicaragua to USA down

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    Default Exports from Nicaragua to USA down

    The President of Banco Central of Nicaragua announced that there has been a 5.3% decrease in exportation of products from Nicaragua to the United States. Last year exportation to the United States registered U$283 million dollars in the first 9 months, while this year it registered U$268 million dollars. However, exportation in general is up by 17% from last year, the biggest increase in exports has gone to other countries in Central America.

    In the first 9 months of this year total exports registered U$1.005 billion dollars, while last year during the same period it was only registered at U$859 million dollars.

    Apparently some of the reason behind the decrease in exportation to the US is because Nicaragua has not met the demand of the United States market in Coffee and Lobster. Possibly this has something to do with losing contracts to other countries that can meet demand?

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    I wonder how much of that is agricultural products that are needed nationaly right now?
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