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Thread: Recommendations for Big Corn?

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    Default Recommendations for Big Corn?

    What are the recommended places to stay, eat, snorkle, etc., on Big Corn?

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    I used 3 hotels on Big Corn with my family

    I enjoyed Marthas B and B at Picnic Center, nice people that own the place, and the rooms were moderately priced, maybe not luxurious, but clean, new and nice. Great beach location

    DO NOT STAY at Hotel Anastasias on the sea (I forget the exact name) nice concept, but the cheap rooms are disgusting and you will regret everything but the view.

    Morgan's Hotel has a really nice owner that was very welcoming, but we stayed in one of the cheaper rooms, which you may not care for, there is however more expensive and Nicer rooms at the place.

    The great thing about The Great Corn Island is that there are places to stay at all budgets.

    Make sure you visit Marlies site

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    $$$$ Casa Canada, Hotel Paraiso
    $$ Morgan Hotel, Marthas (beach), Sunrise

    Eat: Nautilus Art & Eat, Seva's
    Snorkeling: Nautilus
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