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Thread: An Early Christmas Present...

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    Default An Early Christmas Present...

    Living in Nicaragua can be quite the adventure, especially when trying to create something from nothing while everyone arounds you tells you it can't be done. Roger's gotten himself into many a doozy and I've learned to take those "I'm okay" phone calls with a head shake and a smile that my fella's having too much fun. Last week's 6pm phone call and the words "I'm riding a road grader to our finca." should have come as no surprise, yet I couldn't help but wonder what the day's story would be.

    It had started out inocently enough, just a trip to Nandaime to introduce the new translator to the Alcadita and one of our bigwig neighbors. It's been two years of battling neighbors, cajoling the Alcadia, paying an overpriced lawyer to accomplish nothing more than saying "It takes time", and refusing to bribe the city's engineer in order to get the public road to our finca reopened. We've been to court more times than I care to remember and, while the wheels here turn ever so slowly, it seemed as if we were getting nowhere fast. Then out of the blue, the engineer was summoned to the meeting, told to get to our road, and two hours later my very happy husband found himself holding on tightly while he rode the grader that scraped the public road across our nasty neighbor's property. And this all after 6pm!

    The grader's driver, a fella who's been at it since Somoza's time, didn't mind working late. "Tengo luz," he said as he crossed rivers, pushed aside trees, and shook off gumbo mud like it was nothing. Roger was impressed and I imagine he'll be asking Santa for one of those big machines this year.

    Our bigwig neighbor has agreed to split the cost of fuel and the engineer says they'll be done by the end of January. Okay, who's laughing out there! :x

    We know the end of January is doubtful at best, but simply having the road scraped and the fill trucks on the way is such a big step forward. Why, I believe we're actually accomplishing part of our goals down here! :shock:
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    Default Congratulations!

    Just showing up and perseverence goes a long way.....that and don't be an asshole.

    Nice going!
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    Default congrats!

    i'll lift a toast to you tonite at christmas dinner! *cheers and feliz navidad!
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    Default Work done after 6PM...

    on Christmas eve ? *All that good karma is coming back to you.

    What a wonderful road,

    ours was beaten severely with the ugly stick, often


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