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Thread: 10th of January - Presidential First Annual Report

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    Default 10th of January - Presidential First Annual Report

    On the 10th of January the President is expected to give his first annual report, which is required by law. The 50 some representatives of the opposition are not expected to show.

    The Presidential couple is calling for a march of their "people" for this day, in accompaniment of his speech to the 38 FSLN members of the Asamblea Nacional.

    The opposition is also calling for a march against the dictatorship for this day as well.

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    Default I get it now..

    Presidential Couple..I like it.

    Maybe Co-Presidential Couple or .... drumroll....

    CPC! :lol:

    It is all so clear to me now.
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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