President of "Cámara de Comercio de Jinotega", Tere Altamirano said that from the 15th of December till the end of the year sales were very good. However, José Ángel Reyes said that as a whole 2007 closed with less sales than 2006.

The closure of the year helped to alleviate the poor performance this year.

One area studied was sales of shoes, in 2006 15,000 pairs sold, while in 2007 only 8,000 shoe pairs sold. The low sales are related to the fact that although there is a need for the footwear in the field, the people do not have the money to buy new.

It was also mentioned that they expect the Road construction which should be completed this year, carretera Jinotega-El Guayacán should help to support commerce and tourism.