On March 17th you will be able to vote for your favorite in the Miss Nicaragua 2007 pageant. You will be able to text message a phone number The article does not include, but it does include the codes

The Text Votes will be used as 10% of the judging.

Karen Corea: 1

Tatiana Pilarte: 2

Gyxa Zelaya: 3

Charlotte Cruz: 4

Adyari Callejas: 5

Jaqueline Mendoza: 6

Marina Espinal: 7

Karen Salgado: 8

Itzamara Sovalbarro: 9

Michel Rantanen: 10

Iva Grijalva: 11

Scarleth Archibold: 12

Xiomara Blandino: 13

Daniela Lacayo: 14

Martha Reyes: 15

Tania Molina: 16

Xiurel Picado: 17