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Speakin of swordfish .... has anyone tried it in Nicaragua. It is huge here in Florida. But you gotta fish at night with big squid and cayalume sticks in deep water, like 300-1,000 feet. Takes substanitial gear too ... no hand lines as these bad boys get big!

On the Pacific Swordfish are plentiful between March and June. Best areas are off SJDS in 200 to 600 fathoms. You can catch big squid at 100 fathoms shining deck lights in the water and jigging with white squid jigs with hand lines. Dont go looking for squid if there is any moon out you'll skunk. As much as I hate to brag we caught an average of 130 swordfish a year between 91 and 95. Never tried to catch one sporty style but if I did I would drift a whole 10 inch squid 120 ft. deep with a light about 6-10 ft. up from the hook. If you dont catch a swordy you WILL catch something large quickly. Eat your wheaties these arent Marlins or Sails they will give you all a butt whoopin, but in a good way.
Another note, they have real hard mouths so the hook doesnt set real good NO SLACK best of luck.