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Thread: ALERT: RAAN Situation

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    Default ALERT: RAAN Situation

    This is just a temporary calm...

    The Miskitos have REJECTED the decision by the CSE.
    Come Monday more protests...

    Expect protests from RAAS to RAAN tommorow, this isn't just pissing off RAAN.

    Leaders of those who want elections in November have stated that if one of their own seriously wounded the previous day, Federico Simons, dies... Then MANY more from the opposing Sandinista/ Sandinista Supporter side will DIE as well!

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    Simons was sent to managua the previous day and is SERIOUS condition.

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    Federico Hodgson Simons, 1 of 13 shot on friday. If he recovers from his head wound he will mostly likely be paralyzed

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    END just released an article where one of the main RAAN consejales is accusing the PLC for instigating the violence in Port to protect its close ties with narcotrafickers (who provided the guaro, guns, drugs and granades for the protests). He refused to release the names of these individuals (PLC narcotrafickers) pending an investigation.
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