the pier at port.....there is quite a history about this pier....but i will let the experts tell it.

standing on the pier looking back at the beaches where the cafe kabu payaska is. if you couldn't tell i like that place.....gooooood langosta.

the tuapi river outside of puerto cabezas. this is where port's municiple water comes from. it is brackish from the ocean and it does get to the people once in a while during the day.

the bridge going to the tuapi village. there is a rope gate where after crossing the bridge you pay a whole us dollar to go into the village. and by the way this was in mr. lampson's taxi.........he took us there and it cost us very very little for a whole lot of fun.......better than any thing the one and only cruise ship i have been on had to offer. jan and i don't require anything other than good friends around and new adventures to be found. its a pirates life i tell ya that keeps ya young.

standing across the street from the bank in puerto cabezas looking up one of the main steets. i never had any trouble getting money from my debit card there. i did have some temporary problems because my bank thought that someone was using my card in nicaragua. had to call and clear that up. make sure you inform your bank that you will be headin out before you go it might make it easier.

this picture was given me by miskito alan when i had decided to come to port. sure glad i listened to him. this is the cafe kabu payaska dining area. great ocean breeze while drinking and eating lobster at something like 6 US dollars (if memory serves it was 2 hugh lobsters on one plate with salad and some other side much drinking or to much age makes me forget)

more to follow