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    Default #13..Rat on the boat

    Rat on the boat….

    Miss Betty Russell done the housekeeping for Pinellas Seafood Company in Marathon and had a mobile home on the grounds in which she lived….

    Now Miss Betty not only liked to drink a few beer’s up at the IOOB (International Order of Old Bastards) club that was held at ¨Herbie´s Raw Bar, in the evenings.

    But she was a cat lover too.

    Herbie´s Raw Bar featured oysters and clams on the half shell and draft beer.

    And was a favored watering hole for many of the people who worked in the fishing industry.

    Unknown to Miss Betty, the guy’s would make bets with each other, to see who could drink beer for beer with her, and not go pee before she did…….

    Anyway Miss Betty must have had a hundred cats that would show up at her mobile home for breakfast in the mornings.

    These cats would prowl all over the docks and fishing boats during the nights, and we never had a rat problem…..

    There was a little óle bar and grill right across the street from the fish house that had its own living quarters and had changed owners many times.

    One new owner absolutely hated cats for one reason or another; they got into his trash cans, cried in the nights, whatever.

    So him being a creative entrepreneur, decided to put a bounty of $1.00 a dead cat on them.

    There were always a few men waiting around in hopes of getting a position on one of the boats that needed cigarettes, a meal, or just a few beers.

    Miss Betty’s cat population was soon on the decline….

    With the drastic decline of predators, there came an increase of prey…

    And we all started having problems with rats on the boats.

    One trip with my dad, we had several that had to be dealt with.

    I took a 12 quart water bucket and stretched across the top of it a plastic sheet from a 30 pound freezer bag and tied it like a drum top.

    Cut a 3 inch X in the center of it and half filled the bucket with seawater.

    Under the flaps of the plastic X, I put peanut butter, and on top greased her up with cooking oil.

    You ever tried to jump in neck deep water?

    The next morning I looked in the bucket, and that nice crystal clear Caribbean seawater was muddy, with a rat’s nose and eyes just above the surface…….

    My dad thought I was nuts building that trap, but it had worked.

    When we took the plastic drum top off, we saw that it was actually 2 young rats I had caught.

    They were not big enough to touch bottom and had been taking turns standing on each others shoulders thru the night to breath….

    Rat on the Bahama Mama, next…..
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    [quote=Just Plain John Wayne;27241]They were not big enough to touch bottom and had been taking turns standing on each others shoulders thru the night to breath….[/quote]

    Clever little pests, aren't they?
    "Un Estado que no se rigiera según la justicia se reduciría a una gran banda de ladrones." --San Agustín

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