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Thread: Building a Hexagonal Roof...

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    Default Building a Hexagonal Roof...

    Yeah, yeah, we're waaaay behind schedule, but what doesn't take forever to get done in this country, huh? Had no power last night in Jinotepe and no water by this morning so definitely not a good start to the day. Still haven't found workers to replace the last ones (maybe we'll have luck today in Jinotepe?), so Roger and I walked in by ourselves.

    It was nice and overcast this morning but you could tell it was gonnna get hot early. Saw some local fauna, like this snake along our path and some of the new horses on Mario's property. Sure would like to buy one or two of them one day, but Mario still seems to be ticked at us for stopping the theft of our supplies by his good friend. Go figure.

    I took a shot of some of that wasted cement Bobby mentioned in another post. This patch is at least three bags wasted...UGH! Last pic is the spider web effect in the master when the sun came out. It's my favorite shot of the day.

    To be continued...
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    is that a gardener snake? The spider web shadow effect is pretty neat!

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    Default that's what

    that's what i thought, looks like a spider web. i am going to call roger spider man! well not really. i like him, but i don't want to joke with him.
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    Looks like a garter snake, or similarly harmless variety.

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