Weather has been mixed, plenty of rain but no torrential downpours, good weather for planting.

I have been harvesting some "pumpkin" (like a calabaza ? squash), people here like to use the young ones in soup. Next one I harvest I will snap some photos, the color of the inside is a beautiful orange/yellow. Starting to pull some okra & black-eyed peas, expecting some ripe tomatoes by months end. Saw some cucumbers yesterday almost ready for picking & put out more cucumber seed this week. Pepper plants have plenty on & I have many more pepper seedlings almost ready to go in the ground. Hoping to have the garden 100% planted by the end of the month, I would say it is around 60% now.

Have had so many projects going that my farming has taken a backseat the past few weeks, but I will be back on top of it by the first of next week.

Crab Soup festival is coming up the end of the month & the Ebenezer Baptist Church here on the North End will also be having their Harvest Festival, I am hoping to have some Harvest to donate to them, they take donations of all sorts then have a big "bake sale" type thing & you can find all kinds of goodies.

Anyone coming this way give me a shout & I will be happy to take you on a grand tour of my little finca.

Next sunny day I will snap some photos.