Now, during "Dry Time" everyone is scrambling looking for water, imagine being on the Edge of one of the largest intact "Rain Forests" and having to look water?

I have dug three shallow wells and as luck would have it scored three times.

The first at 19 feet had a 24 hour production of good Pottable water of 5000 gallons.

The second where I presently live struck this or more at 32 feet.

This last one at 10 feet, is the best one yet.

The two clostest neighbors have one 20 feet and 50 feet and no production during Dry Time.

This is on a property purchased by my wife to built some rentals for her future.

This young woman will do anything, look what I found when coming home this afternoon.

Well cleaning time is done in these days, she only needed two young strong men to pull up the buckets of mud and gravel SHE did the cleaning, because she wanted it done HER way.

NOTE I am risking my life by putting these pictures on
RealNicaragua..... I have been warned