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Thread: My Take on Exiled Nicas

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    Default My Take on Exiled Nicas

    I wrote this in response to an exiled Nica living in the USA on NL ,I am posting it here just in case there are more trash talking exiles.

    I have absolutely Nothing againts paisas who have decided to adopt the USA as their new home.(Who wouldn't is the BEST country in the world)
    I myself became a USA Citizen 15 years ago,most of my Family lives here in the USA.
    My problem and where I disagree with Paisas who have decided to stay in the USA and never return to their country of birth is when.
    They trash the situation about the current goverment.

    They complain about the economic situation

    Just to name a couple.

    When you have decided to never return to Nicaragua to live,specially if ALL your family lives in the USA,They should not talk/bash about the above mentioned since they will not and have not been a part of the Country for so many years, and are unwilling to help make a difference/change.

    I know of at least 4 Nicas who made their money,working their asses off in the USA for over 25 years(like myself), they took a chance and decided to go invest their hard earned money in Nicaragua,guess what? not only did it work out for them,but it also help out our people and country by providing jobs!!

    One of them has a tobacco farm in Jalapa and employs over 1,000 people.
    One became a cattle rancher in Santo Tomas,Chontales and he employs over 100 people.
    One opened up a Security guard S.A in Managua and he employs over 150 security guards.
    One opened a Sporting goods store in Sebaco,he employs over 10 people.
    (I even left myself out,which we provide over 120 jobs)

    As you can see,it takes more than money to make things happen in Nicaragua it takes:

    1) Attitude

    2) Commitment to what you wanna do.

    3) A plan to accomplish what you want to do.

    4) Patience .

    5) Last but not least,what many people lack even thou having the 4 mentioned above: The Balls To Go For It And Do It!!

    If anyone really want to Do something in Nicaragua it should not Really matter who is in goverment(unless they really mess things up,which Ortega has not YET,not fully,but he seems to be headed that way to the point of Civil WAR),often times Ortega is just another excuse,why they haven't done anything for their country!!!


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    Talking Your answer John

    Hope I have answered your question below.

    Furthermore,I know hundreds of hard working Nicas Throughout Nicaragua,earning their living.
    From Esteli,to Condega,Jalapa,Chontales,Jinotega,Casares and huehuete,I truly believe that the handouts population is extremely small.
    Right now in Esteli alone,I have about 3 projects that can generate jobs and additional income,but.... $$$$$ is an issue.

    Lets remember that Money and Business ideas go hand in hand.
    Until I come out with some additional Dinero,I will hold on to these 3 Ventures Ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    FCM, serious queston. What sets you apart from the "beggars"? You're physically the same as any other Nica. Yet you own a business that employs others and makes products that are in demand. Isn't that all one needs to live without handouts? So, why can you do it, but a million and a half (1/3 the population?) can't? What are they lacking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FisherCigarman View Post
    Hope I have answered your question below.

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    That's a sad truth some Nicas here in the USA hold a grudge against Nicaland
    Dios es Amor!

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