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Thread: Ocean Coastal Cleanup

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    Default Ocean Coastal Cleanup

    Here is a translated version of the official announcement.

    San Juan del Sur, September 11, 2008.
    Each year the third Saturday of September, volunteers around the globe descend on the beaches, lakes, rivers and streams to clean up garbage and waste to land and water, in order to clean and restore waterways and ocean. This September 20, under the leadership of the NGO Step Pacific, entrepreneurs, volunteers, visitors and residents of San Juan del Sur cleaned their costs of waste such as cigarette butts, plastic bags and bottles, beer cans and glass between others.
    To enhance this waste of love and commitment to nature, entrepreneurs of San Juan del Sur - especially those established in the coastal zone - have pledged to donate one hour of staff time for the day cleaning as well as donate snacks and refreshments to volunteers and reward all visitors to establishments with a 10% discount on lodging and restaurant consumption.
    The opening ceremony will take place at 07:00 AM on the day on September 20 on the coast of San Juan del Sur. The event will be accompanied by bands from local schools, government officials, union representatives, businessmen and volunteers. After the event, groups of volunteers will be distributed to different beaches in the municipality.
    Importantly, this is the first year that Nicaragua joins the global effort towards the cleanup and recovery of the oceans, so that this workshop will be taking place simultaneously in other beaches in the country. According to Step Pacific is the goal, in addition to cleaning the sea, creating awareness among Nicaraguans on the importance of not continue contaminated with waste and scrap.
    Step Pacific will be conducting a press conference this Friday September 12 at the premises of the Princess Hotel to raise awareness in detail the activities of this coming September 20.

    Municipal Tourism Commission SAN JUAN DEL SUR
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    Default Very cool!

    We do that in Broward County every year. The "awareness" part is just as important.
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