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Thread: Cost of products up, quality down

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    Default Cost of products up, quality down

    Its been mentioned on here dozens of times before, how the price of products keeps going up, from flower and eggs to building materials and in some cases the labor.

    Obviously the companies that are trying to sell their products have to come up with new ways to get their products to market without taking a dime more from their clientel that are making much less than they ever have, thanks to the skyrocketing inflation.

    Here are some of the food products which I miss how they WERE made:

    Nacatamales - They have doubled their price in many parts of Managua and even at these higher prices the quality has been sacrificed, you might be luck to find a tiny piece of pork in them.

    Pineapple pastries - still 1 cordoba, but now they taste like your eating a stale piece of cardboard.

    Tortillas - Man they have gotten skinny and up 1/2 a cordoba

    bread bars- those last resort bread bars sold in the pulperias, same price, but very chewy now and a bit smaller

    Rice - all rice costs quite a bit more even the chinese white rice that the CPC is selling

    Eggs - A lot more expensive now, and have you noticed the eggs are a bit smaller, and the shells are much more fragile (maybe this has something to do with the farmers feeding the chickens less?)

    Icecream - a lot more ice crystals, still plenty of blackouts and a lot more water miced into this dairy product.

    Beans - There are still some decent Nicaraguan red beans out there (at a high price) but for the most part in the market I have noticed smaller tougher beans and a lot more bad beans that need to be removed from the batch before cooking.

    Ground beef - Purchasing the highest costing Pali ground beef is as tasty as chewing on a chunk of seal fat (not that I have done this before)

    ... I could go on with this list, but the idea is that there is a very noticeable difference in the quality of food in Nicaragua, even with them increasing the cost of the products.

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    I know that with the thin egg shells ... it could be diet but it also happens when you keep lights on all night in the chicken house so the hen lays 2 eggs a day!
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    Having just finished the cost of living survey for a British relocation firm and if you look closely like I did you would notice that the products (supermarkets) whose price did not increase substantially (or worse, did) have decreased in content. Puropan that used to be packaged in 650 gm (C$ 22.25) packs are now sold at 625 gms (C$ 29.05) and Yoghurt from 150 - 125 gms., for example.

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