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Thread: Nicaraguan Skies

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    Default Nicaraguan Skies

    A recent comment by 3F got me thinking about these skies down here. It's one of my all-time favorite things about this country. No matter the level of frustration some days, I can always look up into the sky, draw a deep breath of this wonderfully clean air, and thank goodness that I live in Nicaragua.
    Jinotepe sky...

    Jinotepe sky...

    Managua sky at dusk...

    El Crucero sunset...

    Y'all share some of your pretty sky pix, too!
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    Default A Few Sunsets

    Remanzo Beach

    Bay Of San Juan del Sur

    Maderas Beach
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    DanPolley do you happen to have this image when the sun is in the cresent of the rock?

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