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Thread: Central America: Tourism up in 2007

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    Default Central America: Tourism up in 2007

    The financial Crisis in Europe and the United States could be a good opportunity for more tourists to visit Central America, because the region has some of the lowest pricing.

    The Secretary of Tourism in Honduras, Ricardo Martinez, said that they are not to afraid over the recession, there has been no cancelations of cruise ships that would like to port in the country in the coming year, nor has there been any less tourism solicitudes up to this point.

    Central America was the 3rd place touristic destination in the world with the highest increase in tourists for 2007, 11% increase according to Tourism Institutes of Central America.

    The region received 6.8 million tourists in 2007 and generated U$6.9 billion dollars in revenue.

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    That probably can get bumped up to 25 million with good prices for tourist, and of course quality tourism.
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    I was told that Sunday this event will be open to the public, the other 2 days related more towards the businesses and investors.

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