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    The "Instituto Nicaragüense de Turismo" (Intur), along with the Private sector has tried to promote 200 destinations in Nicaragua this year, which would bring in a total of 900,000 tourists by the end of 2008. The data reflects that there the country can not hold many people do to lack of Infrastructure.

    According to the data from the "Asociación de Hoteles de Nicaragua", there are about 5,000 rooms locally, and most tourists stay for an average of 7 nights in the country.

    1,100 rooms are in the 3-5 star range of hotels, this is characterized by good infrastructure, diverse services, and they are primarily located in the department of Managua.

    The Hotel Association would like there to be 3,000 more rooms, primarily in the pacific side of the country with at least 600 of those rooms being 3-5 stars.

    The Associations VP, Miguel Romero, would like there to be more infrastructure between Montelimar and Gran Pacifica, to promote these areas even more. In addition there is also a large need for the "Coastal Highway" and infrastructure for Conventions, Salons, and at least 50 rooms of 5 star quality in the Managua area. The biggest thing would be to finish the "Ley de Costas".

    President of the "Asociación de Propietarios de Pequeños Hoteles de Nicaragua" (Hopen), Sandra Mejía, commented that there is a serious lack of hotel rooms at the end of the year and during major events in the country. Mejia said that the average occupancy of the smaller hotels is at 60%, which is good and many of these hotels are expanding to medium size hotels.

    Mejia also stressed that there is a need to open more rural hotels for the experienced travelers who would like to get closer to nature and the culture.

    She says that one of the strong points of the country is that there are 25 different places for those interested to obtain licenses in the Administration of Tourism and Hotels. Just in Managua there are about 1,100 students studying this field and another 1,000 in Granada, León, Estelí, Chontales, and Bluefields.

    ProNicaragua says that there are 4 areas in which need the most resources for promotion and infrastructure: Business, Colonial, Sun & Beach, and Nature.

    The Business area, is mostly focused in Managua currently.

    The colonial area, is mostly focused in León and Granada.

    Sun & Beach, in San Juan del Sur, Pochomil, and Montelimar.

    Nature, in Islands of Granada, Ometepe, Masaya, Matagalpa, and the Río San Juan.

    Since September 2006, Nationwide hotels have registered 69% average occupation of rooms, which are considered very "Healthy" numbers, mostly in the Capital.

    In areas like San Juan del Sur, and more of the southern pacific region of the country in hotels of 1-2 stars the levels are about 66%.

    ProNicaragua believes that the cost per habitation is very diverse and inconsistent. On average SJDS has the most expensive habitations in the country yet has less amenities and poorer standards than hotels in Managua (according to ProNicaragua), the reason for this is that there is a higher demand for the rooms in SJDS.

    Officially there is a bit more than 400 hotels registered in the country:

    Managua 89
    Rivas 56
    RAAS 50
    Estelí 30
    Río San Juan 30
    Granada 25
    Chinandega 23
    Matagalpa 23
    León 22
    Chontales 19
    Masaya 19
    Nueva Segovia 16
    Jinotega 15
    Madriz 10
    RAAN 7
    Carazo 6
    Boaco 1

    The Amount of tourist per year and money (in Millions) that was brought in to the country:

    2007 800,000 --- U$188.8-255
    2006 773,398 --- U$239
    2005 712,444 --- U$207
    2004 614,782 --- U$166.7
    2003 525,775 --- U$151.8
    2002 471,622 --- U$116.4

    According to INTUR
    The mobility in the region:
    Year Tourists in Millions --- U$ in Millions

    2007 7.9 --- 4,343.7
    2006 6.9 --- 5,661.3
    2005 6.3 --- 4,824.6
    2004 5.6 --- 4,173.5
    2003 4.8 --- 3,647.9
    2002 4.7 --- 3,265.2

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    It bothers me that these Waldos have money for campaigns, but not for repairing the infrastructure
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