For the first time in San Juan del Sur's history, the alcaldia will have a budget that surpasses C$50 million cordobas. The Vice Alcalde says that SJDS puts about 50-55% of this money into the execution of public works. However in 2009 they believe that this number will go up by 5%, and they would like to take this out of the administrative costs within the Alcalde.

The budget of this previous year was C$42,606,000 cordobas, some of the major projects that were done with this money include the south side pier, water projects, sanitation projects in 5 communities, the construction of the civic center area which includes the new alcaldia offices, and another pier in the El Ostional area.

From the 2009 budget they would like to put C$25.8 million cordobas for an annual investment plan, to continue bringing projects to the municipality, among the projects, adding 800 meters of the main road of the El Ostional region and purchasing road maintenance equipment which includes 3 trucks, 1 grader, a backhoe and road compaction equipment.